Christmas in the village

Since I am often asked what Christmas looks like here, I wanted to share a little bit about it, before we enter into the new year. Every year is different. This time it was the first time that I was without my colleague in the village and also celebrated on the 24th alone (according to German tradition).
The Friday before Christmas we had a nice celebration with colleagues in the next larger town. Actually, people from three different organizations joined us. We sang Christmas carols in English, German, Norwegian and French. It was a really nice evening.
The national church mostly celebrates with a service on the 25th. At this occation it is not uncommon that members of the majority religion here celebrate with us or at least stop by to deliver their congratulations. We had invited several families from our village to the service in the next market town. This is usually a bigger operation to get everybody transported there. Also, after the service there has to be a big meal followed by several rounds of tea. All in all a program for a whole day.
Therefore it seemed me to be wise not to plan too much for the 24th. I had a nice supper with candle light. Then I sang several carols and took time to praise the Lord for the miracle of Christmas. Afterwards I put on some nice music and made myself cozy with a book. As a special treat I made myself some pita-chips. All together nothing special but it was a very relaxing Christmas eve which I enjoyed a lot.