A belated ‘Wednesday with words’ – Nadi’s story in pictures

Nadi and her family (Jan 2007)
Nadi and her family in January 2007.
Nadi's madura foot (Jan 2007)
Nadi’s foot three years ago (Jan 2007). At this time we did not know what illness she had since more than 15 years. It had gotten so bad, that she rarely left the house because walking was too painful. Over the last years three doctors who saw the photos confirmed that she had Madura foot. Since then it had gotten worse to the point that the pain kept her from eating. She was only skin and bones when she arrived in Bamako in November 2009.
Nadi after the amputation (Dec 2009)
The French doctors who did the amputation remarked how she improved visibly even just a few days after the surgery.
Nadi after amputation (Jan 2010)
Nadi at the end of January 2010 – the healing of the wound took longer than predicted but in the end it healed well and was “bien matelasser” (well padded) as a colleague of the orthopedic technician remarked. 😉
Nadi at the technician's office
At the beginning of February 2010 – the orthopedic technician puts a cast on Nadi’s stump to make a print of it.
Nadi at the technician's office
Today was her last day of practice at the technician’s office and afterward she went home with two legs. It still needs a lot of practice until the walking with the heavy prosthesis will be smooth but it is wonderful seeing her walk after 20 years of illness.


5 Responses to “A belated ‘Wednesday with words’ – Nadi’s story in pictures”

  1. Peter Says:

    And she has you to thank for it!


  2. javejavor Says:

    amazing story indeed! thanks for sharing it.

  3. jutta Says:

    thank you, both!

  4. oarabile motlaleng Says:

    i am happy to see her healed,i am in Botswana,southern Africa,my mother’s foot is exactly if not a bit worse than the one for Nadi,she has just been diagnosed with Madura Foot yesterday,but the hospital does not have any medication for her at the moment,th problem is pain..please help me,it has been over 27 years

    • Jutta Says:

      sorry to hear about your mother but I cannot help you. you need to find a local doctor who does amputations. maybe you can contact ‘Handicap International’ for help.

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