Supyire NT

It was a very special day. A few weeks ago I attended a special celebration – the dedication of a New Testament. This is the culmination point of more than 15 years of work from a team of people coming from many different denominations and nationalities. Together with 50+ people I travelled on a bus from Bamako, among them people from many different organizations, mission organizations, churches, government agencies. During the ceremony on the next day many different people spoke greetings and expressed their joy about the newly translated New Testament into their mother tongue Supyiré, a Senoufo language. The climax was when the New Testaments were brought in – accompanied by people in traditional costumes, a choir and two balaphones.

Es war ein ganz besonderer Tag. Vor einigen Wochen nahm ich an einem speziellen Fest teil – die Übergabefeier eines Neuen Testaments. Das war das Ergebnis von mehr als 15 Jahren Arbeit von einem Team von Leuten aus verschiedenen Denominationen und Nationalitäten. Zusammen mit mehr als 50 Leuten reiste ich mit einem Bus aus Bamako an – darunter waren Leute von verschiedenen Organisationen, Missionsgesellschaften, Kirchen und Regierungsstellen. Während der Feier am nächsten Tag brachten viele verschiedene Menschen Grußworte und drückten ihre Freude über das nun fertig übersetzte Neue Testament in ihrer Muttersprache Supyiré, einer Senufo-Sprache, aus. Der Höhepunkt war als die NTs herein gebracht wurden – begleitet von Leuten in traditionellen Gewändern, einem Chor, und zwei Balaphonen.


3 Responses to “Supyire NT”

  1. E. T. Tenna Says:

    I just stopped by your blog today because of your comment on CoffeeGirl’s post regarding being anonymous. Your post was right above mine, wishing there were more singles on her blog roll.

    Hello! I’m a single blogger. I will ‘try your blog on for size’. It’s fun to see in my brief scan that you and I have some things in common: singleness and a burden for the Word to get to our people groups.

    I think it’s a very neat idea that you are posting bilingually. I had a couple years of German in high school, so really that doesn’t count, but it will be fun to use your bilingual blog to ‘try’ to read something in German after all these years!


  2. Shan Reed Says:

    I am also a single blogger:) I was reading Coffeegirl and thought I’d come check you out, too. I have been here before, but not for a while. I’ll add you to my blogs so I can check out your blog more often. Hope you’re having a blessed day and I look forward to learning more about your ministry in Mali.

  3. @ngie Says:

    Wow, 15 years of labor! That is awesome. What an honor to be part of tangible hope delivered to a people. wow!

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