Birds’ paradise

Even though I live near the center of the capital, there is a bird’s paradise in front of my window. It’s a big city block full of trees and shrubs in the middle. Right in front of my window is “my” tree and every day I receive many visitors on this tree. In the morning when I spend time fellowshipping with the Lord and reading my Bible, sometimes every minute a different species of bird stops by. They are wonderful reminder of God’s care and provision, even though it can get distracting at times. 😉

There are so many that I can’t introduce you to all of them in a single post.  Here is the first installment. Since all my windows are screened it is hard to get a good shot at my visitors, I will use images that can be found on the web (with the link to the original page).


Obwohl ich in der Nähe des Stadtzentrums wohne, befindet sich direkt vor meinem Fenster ein Vogelparadies. Es ist ein Häuserblock wo nur am Rand Häuser stehen und innen alles voller Bäumen und Sträuchern ist. Direkt vor meinem Fenster steht “mein” Baum und jeden Tag empfange ich jede Menge Besucher auf diesem Baum. In der Früh wenn ich Gemeinschaft mit dem Herrn pflege und meine Bibel lese kann es passieren, dass jede Minute eine andere Vogelart vorbei kommt. Sie sind eine tolle Erinnerung an Gottes Liebe und Versorgung, aber manchmal können sie mich auch zu sehr ablenken. 😉

Da es so viele Besucher gibt, kann euch nicht alle in einem einzigen Eintrag vorstellen. Das ist also der erste Teil. Da alle meine Fenster Moskitogitter haben, ist es sehr schwierig gute Fotos von ihnen zu machen. Darum werde ich ausnahmsweise Fotos von anderen verwenden, die ich im Internet gefunden habe (mit dazu gehörigem Link).


This is one of the most frequent visitors – the Common Bubul * Das ist einer der häufigsten Besucher – der Graubülbül oder Berberbulbul.

Lat. pycnootus barbatus







One of my favorite guests are the Grey Woodpecker and his wife. His wife does not have the red cap * Einer meiner  Lieblingsgäste ist der Graubrustspecht und seine Frau. Seine Frau hat keine rote Kappe.

Lat: dendropicos goertae



5 Responses to “Birds’ paradise”

  1. @ngie Says:

    I am impressed that you knew the names of our feathered friends. I saw a group of birds in the plaza the other day and I spent the good part of the afternoon researching the name of that cute little guy. I am looking forward to knowing more about the creatures you see out of your window.

  2. Barbara Lawrence Says:

    I note that you have used one of my photos on your site. You did not ask first so I am extreemly unhappy. I regard the unauthorized use of my photos as copyrite infringement and therefore theft. If you had asked I would probably have agreed! Please remove the links to my photograph or pay a usage fee.
    Regards Barbara.elaw

  3. jutta Says:

    @Angie, don’t be too impressed – my bird book has 830 pages: “Birds of Western Africa. (Helm Identification Guides)”

    @Barbara, I am sorry to hear that you don’t like me to use your photo. I will of course remove it.
    If you do not want your Flickr photos to be used in blogs, you need to change your settings in Flickr. At the moment your settings allow people to blog your photos.

  4. seth of rabi Says:


    You miss Barbara’s point. We do not need to change any settings. You are infringing copyright law by publishing material without the owners consent.

    Please remove my material also.

    Seth of Rabi

  5. jutta Says:

    @Seth of Rabi (and anybody else who would like to know),

    Here is what Flickr Help says:
    “I’d rather people didn’t blog my photos. How can I prevent that?

    Go to Your Account and specify who sees the “Blog This” button on your photos. Removing this button makes it more difficult for people to blog your photos, but remember that anyone can copy and blog a public photo. If you’d rather this didn’t happen, change your settings to make your photos private.”

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